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what is a bigg playdate?

parents meet & kids play!

that's a biggplaydate

The Bigg party room turns into a bigg playroom most weekdays for Bigg playdates.

Toys, games, coloring, crafts, reading and more fill the room. Nothing extravagant. Good old-fashion fun.
Schedule A Playdate

Meet a group of friends

Hold your group meeting

Have a scout meeting

No Group too big or too small

The Bigg Cafe has coffees hot & iced, tea, water, smoothies for adults and kids.

There is lots of room to play. A "quieter" space for adults to talk. There is never a structure to a playdate.

There is no babysitting.

Starbucks is too crowded for playing.....

Kid Village is too noisy for parents to relax.....

Bigg is fun for parents & fun for kids!

There are discounts available for larger playdate groups who meet on a regular basis. Please inquire.

enjoy yourself while the kids play
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